My teaching approach has two interrelated components. First, a general template for creating accessible, engaging, and effective educational conditions for the duration of a given course. Second, the reinforcement and elaboration of this adaptive design through more specific approaches to instruction in everyday class interactions.  Along with preassigned readings and response questions intended to reduce disparities among students, the presentations I give in class support various illustrations of the topics being covered. For instance, I sometimes integrate a timely video clip or a news article handout, a guest speaker (in person or via Skype), or the details of an exemplar case for a subsequent group exercise. Such expansions of the course material prompt livelier exchanges between central academic viewpoints and those of other sources, including the students themselves. Overall, I encourage students to mix imaginative speculation with evidence triangulation as a way to both critically analyze social scientific scholarship and produce creative research.

Teaching Experience:

  • Instructor/Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences, Political Sociology and Social Policy, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany:

Mediated Politics, Department of Social Sciences (MA Lecture Seminar, Winter 2018/19)

Social Movements, Department of Social Sciences (BA Seminar, Winter 2018/19)

  • Instructor/Lecturer, Department of Sociology, University of Potsdam, Germany:

Social Movements, Soziologie (BA Seminar, Winter 2016/17).

  • Teaching Assistant & Discussion Section Lecturer (BA courses), University of California, Irvine, Irvine, CA (2008-2015):

Sociological Theory, Sociology 120W LEC A (Winter 2015; Winter & Spring 2014; Winter 2013; Winter & Spring 2012; Fall 2010)

Computer-Based Research in the Social Sciences, Social Sciences 3A LEC A (Summer 2015)

Sociology Majors Seminar: Transition to Adulthood, Sociology 180A & B (Fall & Spring 2011)

International Sociology, Sociology 2 (Winter 2011)

Race and Ethnicity, Sociology 63 (Winter 2009)

US Foreign Policy I, Political Science 142D International Studies 189 (Fall 2008)

Selection of Courses I am Prepared to Teach:

The Media System in the United States
Political Communication/the Sociology of Talk
Gender and Communication
Communication and Rebellion
Collective Action/Social Movements
Ascription and Achievement in Modern Society
Regulating Society: Welfare, Prison, and Health Care State Systems

Intro to Sociological Theory/ to Sociology
Sociology of Culture

Political Sociology

Social Science Research Methods